Kryzeus /kuh-ry-zoos/

Derived from the ancient names Khrysos and Perseus both are sons of Zeus "King of Gods" in ancient mythology. Khrysos, which means gold, the personified spirit of gold and riches. Perseus, a demigod and the legendary hero who beheaded the Gorgon Medusa. In classical antiquity  the beheaded Medusa an ancient myth, feared and powerful was the same special apotropaic amulet used most famously by the Olympian deities and you'll know when you see one in our collection. Our mission is to create a mindset that a jewelry is not just a stylish amulet to look good and feel good, but a great investment to boost your confidence and be empowered to achieve real success in life. People will stare, make it worth their while.


Kryzeus was founded by a young solo-preneur and a perennial digital nomad from the aspirations to be a success at a young age while living in the jewelry capital of Bangkok, Thailand. Inspired by the New York greats Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Bvlgari, and Harry Winston. This has become a goal to create a brand inspired by the style when east meets west. The burning aspirations fueled with optimism made Kryzeus come to life. 

We first tested water and tried to build a brand mainly focused on the prominent hip-hop scene. Since our main goal is to create an affordable brand, we initiated further research to produce gold-wrapped jewelries to broaden our product line. and market. Surprisingly, we start receiving multiple orders from different parts of the world and due to the consistent demand, we globally expanded our shipments to reach everyone.


Kryzeus is a worldwide jewelry store trusted by thousands of growing and repeating customers by bringing luxury pieces that not only speak one's personality but a luxury you can finally afford without compromising quality. We firmly believe that every single person has their own distinctive style, this is why our team together with our experienced artisans continuously innovate with uniquely designed, distinctive pieces using only the highest-quality metals, alloy with 14k-24k gold to increase its strength and resistance. This intricate process is called gold wrapping, it is cheaper than solid gold but much thicker than gold plating to assure your piece will never tarnish, chip or change color even in everyday use. Just because jewelry somewhere else is more expensive, does not make it better. At Kryzeus, all of our pieces are crafted to perfection, with the exact feel, weight, and look to every texture. We want you to look exceptional, feel good

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