99.9% Germanium Hematite Magnetic Pure Titanium Bracelet

99.9% Germanium Hematite Magnetic Pure Titanium Bracelet - Kryzeus

99.9% Germanium Hematite Magnetic Pure Titanium Bracelet

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 Powerful Magnets. Reduce pain, fatigue & muscle tension. Improve blood circulation, energy, balance, mood, and sleep. Therefore, it enhances immunity.

  • Metals Type: Pure Titanium
  • Chain Type: Link Chain
  • Clasp Type: Fold Over Clasp
  • Color: Rose Gold & Silver Color
  • Surface Width: 8mm
  • Finish: High polish, nickel & lead-free
  • Feature: Magnetic Therapy




1. What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that when delivered directly to the body magnetic fields can stimulate healing from a range of health problems, Although its health claims include the treatment of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, insomnia, inflammation, and even cancer and heart disease, there is little scientific evidence for magnetic therapy effectiveness.

2. How do Magnetic bracelets Work?

The magnetic theory revolves in the arteries around the wrist, which magnets improve the circulation gives the body more of nutrients it needs in the blood, improving health naturally

Magnetic function:

  • Effects to neural system
  • Effects to blood vessel system
  • The effects of magnetic field to immunity function
  • The effects of magnetic field to enzyme activity

3. Does the effectiveness of the bracelet vary according to size of design?

Even though the sizes and shapes of the bracelet vary, the effectiveness remains the same as the neodymium in each bracelet around 2500 Gauss. (Gauss is a unit of measurement of magnetic field)

4. Can I use the magnets around my computer & other electronic equipment?

The magnets can be used around the computer and other electronic office equipment with care. Do not place magnets directly on the computer. Do not let magnets come in contract with credit cards or other cards that utilize a magnetic strip for scanning, videotapes, or computer diskettes, etc.

5. Any side effect?

Magnetic therapy is very safe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that static magnetic fields pose no health risks at all. No complications have ever been reported with its proper use.

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